Meet Lynne Homrich:

Lynne Homrich is a businesswoman, nonprofit executive and mother of four who has lived in the Atlanta area for the last three decades.

A biochemist by degree, Ms. Homrich is a former Vice President of Human Resources for Home Depot, where she started as a manager in IT and ultimately oversaw succession planning, executive assimilation and talent development for the entire company.

After leaving Home Depot, Homrich started several small businesses and a non-profit to encourage young women and girls to base their value and worth not on body or looks, but on what matters most – strengths, character and achievements.

Lynne believes the Republican Party needs more women to run for office and she is called to lead by example.  This country and the Atlanta area have provided incredible opportunities for Lynne and her family, and she wants to ensure everyone has the same opportunities for success.

Lynne will fight to protect the values and principles that have made this country the greatest in the world and bring the perspective of an outsider, a businesswoman and a mom to solve problems and get things done where the career politicians have failed.

A graduate of Purdue University, Lynne Homrich grew up in a middle class family in Fort Wayne, Indiana.   Lynne and her husband David have spent the past 30 years in Atlanta raising a family, including three sons and a daughter.

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