Sep 24, 2019      Press Releases      

Lynne Homrich Responds to Carolyn Bourdeaux’s Impeachment Call with Message to 50k Voters

Suwanee, GA— Today far left Democrat and 7th Congressional District Candidate Carolyn Bourdeaux joined Nancy Pelosi in supporting impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. “Carolyn Bourdeaux has shown herself to be a far left ideologue that cannot represent the 7th District,” said Lynne Homrich. “Bourdeaux has made the choice to support Nancy Pelosi and the Squad over working towards the results our families need. This is just another example of Democrats putting partisan politics before the American people.”

The Homrich for Congress campaign responded to Bourdeaux’s comments by releasing the following phone call to over 50,000 voters in the 7th Congressional District. See the complete transcript below.

Hello, this is Lynne Homrich. I’m a Conservative Republican running to represent you in Congress. I am calling because today, far-left Democrat and candidate for Congress Carolyn Bourdeaux joined Nancy Pelosi in supporting the impeachment of President Trump.

We need to fight back. Press 1 to join me in fighting for results over resistance.

In Congress, I’ll stand with President Trump against far left attacks. Visit or Press 1 now to join me in standing with President Trump.

Lynne Homrich worked as an executive in human resources at Home Depot. Homrich also founded She’s a 10, a nonprofit dedicated to building confidence and character in young women and preparing them for leadership roles. Lynne and her husband David have lived in the Atlanta area for 30 years and have raised their four children there.

Visit to learn more about Lynne and her campaign to bring real world experience and common sense to Washington.