Oct 31, 2019      Press Releases      

Lynne Homrich Reacts to House Impeachment Vote

Suwanee, GA—In response to the House of Representative’s vote to proceed with the Democrat’s partisan impeachment agenda, Lynne Homrich—candidate for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District— responded by blasting the resistance and lack of results in Congress.

“The dysfunction and obstruction in Washington must stop. The partisan impeachment push by Washington Democrats and their far left candidates in the 7th District are preventing any progress from being made on real issues facing the American people. As a businesswoman, I know that this behavior would never be permitted in the real world and we should not put up with it in Congress. It is time for results, and I am the candidate to stand up to Democrats and help deliver those results.”

Homrich is running a campaign on putting her extensive business experience to work and delivering results for the people of the 7th Congressional District. In sharp contrast, Democratic candidates in the 7th District, including Carolyn Bourdeaux, have come out in support of impeachment and obstruction.

Lynne Homrich worked as an executive in human resources at Home Depot. Homrich also founded She’s a 10, a nonprofit dedicated to building confidence and character in young women and preparing them for leadership roles. Lynne and her husband David have lived in the Atlanta area for 30 years and have raised their four children here.

Visit LynneHomrich.com to learn more about Lynne and her campaign to bring real world experience and common sense to Washington.