Oct 7, 2019      News      

How impeachment is already reshaping Georgia politics

By Greg Bluestein

Armed with a supersized flyer plastered with her picture, Lynne Homrich went door to door in a wealthy Forsyth County neighborhood full of Republican voters with the same message.

She’s a conservative. She hates the Washington status quo. And she fights for “results over resistance.”

That last part caught Bill Schilleci’s attention. Almost as soon as Homrich uttered the words, he pledged to support her campaign in next year’s race for the 7th Congressional District. Then he added his own take on the fight to impeach President Donald Trump that’s smothering Washington.

“It’s chaos,” he said. “This impeachment thing started before Donald Trump put his hand on the Bible.”

The whistleblower’s complaint that Trump pressed Ukraine’s leader to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, his top Democratic rival, quickly triggered a call in Washington to impeach the Republican.

It also has already begun to reshape the contours of Georgia’s 2020 election, when two U.S. Senate seats and a sweep of competitive suburban legislative districts are up for grabs.

Many of the state’s leading Democrats — but not all — dropped their long-held opposition to impeachment and demanded a formal inquiry to begin as details of the complaint ricocheted across Washington.

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